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One on One Coaching


This is the ultimate! You want to go to the next level, hone your skills, and transform your approach to conflict such that it is embraced as a catalyst for change and is seen as a growth opportunity.

To get there is not easy and requires a lot of self-reflective inner work. However, the rewards of this kind of professional development will be felt not just in one_on_one relationships in your organization, but also in your life!

The focus on the coaching relationship is on the development of unconscious competence in respect of either or both of Challenging Workplace Relationships: Attaining the skills for peace at work with peace of mind, and also Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional.

Your coach will meet you were you are, help develop your conflict management vision, and support you every step of the way as you move toward attainment of your goals.



Peace at Work: The HR Manager's Guide
to Workplace Mediation
peace_at_work_sPractical, visionary and strategic, Peace at Work should be on the desk of every HR professional. Learn why, how, when and what to do to help people get through conflicts so they can get back to work, and you can too!


Corporate Training The HR Mediation Academy also offers 'Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional' to a cohort of up to 24 participants from your organization, and live 'Mediation Mastery for the HR Professional' workshops customized for groups of up to 72.