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Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional


Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional is offered as a self-directed study option or with guidance and coaching over a six week period.

With both, you will gain a life time membership to the online course Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional.

This includes 13 modules of instructional video.

Each module includes guided exercises to apply the new knowledge you are learning.

A demonstration video showing exactly how to mediate is included.

(Guided with Coaching)

In addition to getting the self-directed study materials, and all the same benefits offered, you are coached through an online webinar as part of a cohort of between 6 and 24 students over a period of 9 weeks.

For the duration of the online courses with guided coaching there is a weekly webinar, a weekly coaching call, a weekly discussion forum, a weekly practice and constant support and guidance. The weekly webinar and coaching calls are made available for later replay.

Students are paced so that the feeling of overwhelm is replaced with a good calm and relaxed state. After completing your class, you enjoy access to the materials for life.

You will be expected to practice prescribed role plays with colleagues or friends and report back both online and during webinars when you are being coached.

Your certificate of completion is earned through attendance of at least 8 of the 9 sessions, successful completion of the educational quiz, and a one page paper in which you reflect on what you have learned in the class.

This course is offered through an open enrollment track. It is also offered privately for groups of employees from one organization.

On successful completion, participants will able to:

  • Describe the unique features of workplace mediation and how it differs from court and business mediation
  • Define conflict as an inevitable feature of the workplace and distinguish between constructive and destructive responses to conflict
  • Articulate which conflicts are suitable for internal mediation and which need the support of an external mediator
  • Describe the five phase workplace mediation process including the importance of pre mediation meetings and follow up
  • Communicate with tact, to listen, to ask questions, to reframe, and to manage the communication flow in a manner that supports the emergence of a sustainable resolution
  • Identify emotional states from reading facial expressions, body language and tone of voice, and use that information with tact to work with the emotional energy of the conflict
  • Explore the mental models of employees and the assumptions they are making about one another and their motives, in a culturally sensitive manner
  • Support the direct negotiation between employees in conflict and also support them explore the possibility of forgiveness
  • Articulate the key postures of the mediation stance, such that you are able to mediate with ethical integrity in a workplace setting


Peace at Work: The HR Manager's Guide
to Workplace Mediation
peace_at_work_sPractical, visionary and strategic, Peace at Work should be on the desk of every HR professional. Learn why, how, when and what to do to help people get through conflicts so they can get back to work, and you can too!


Corporate Training The HR Mediation Academy also offers 'Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional' to a cohort of up to 24 participants from your organization, and live 'Mediation Mastery for the HR Professional' workshops customized for groups of up to 72.